How Are Offshore AI Services Changing The IT Industry?

The digital world is quickly becoming more complex and interconnected than ever before. This has led to a new breed of services that can analyze vast amounts of data to make complex decisions, often without the need for human input. The most obvious example of this is the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). Today, AI has been used to power a wide range of digital services, from speech recognition and translation to fraud detection and recommendation systems.

Offshore AI services offer the same capabilities as their onshore counterparts, but often at a lower cost, better efficiency, and a faster speed. This is because offshore AI services are often performed by software instead of people, allowing you to scale your capabilities and resources as you need to. There are several benefits to using offshore AI services to improve your business processes. Thus, below are some of the benefits of offshore AI services.

  • Reduced Operations Cost for AI deployment– Operating costs are the single largest cost component of running a business. This is especially true for companies that rely heavily on technologies and resources for big data technology, cloud computing, machine learning etc. The demand for these technologies as well as resources is skyrocketing and with increased demand the cost has increased especially the cost of recruiting and staffing a Inhouse AI team of Data Engineers, Data Scientists, visualization experts, big data developers, etc. By outsourcing the development and management of many of the infrastructure and resources needs to an offshore provider, companies aspiring for AI transformation, can quickly scale up their AI transformation or AI product development initiatives.  Offshore AI services can not only reduce the cost but also substantially improve the onshore AI build up process through quality offshore resource team support.
  • Reduced Infrastructure Cost– The cost of maintaining and upgrading an organization’s IT infrastructure is a major operational challenge for many companies. The complexity of maintaining an onshore IT infrastructure with the added requirements of an evolving digital landscape can be a major drain on an organization’s resources. Offshore AI services can be used to manage an organization’s IT infrastructure, freeing up valuable resources to focus on growing the business.
  • Access to a Team of Talented Individuals– Many organizations struggle to find the right talent to staff their IT departments especially the AI team. This is especially true for companies that operate in highly regulated industries such as financial services or healthcare. Offshore AI services can be used to source talented individuals that can maintain an onshore IT and AI infrastructure from countries that offer a lower cost of living. In the last two years of pandemic, companies have come to the realization that people can deliver even if they are not truly located in the home office and are working from a remote location. With this realization, the offshore model automatically becomes a preferred choice.
  • Increased Speed to the Market– Many companies operate at a pace that is too slow to keep up with the rapidly changing digital landscape. The ability to source AI development to an offshore partner can save significant time and increase speed to the market. Offshore AI services can also be used to source custom AI solutions in the form of data analytics or predictive applications built using machine or deep learning to solve specific company challenges or problems. This can save an organization significant time and money.

The world of digital services is constantly evolving, which means that the processes used to deliver these services need to change in response. This often increases the complexity of an organization’s digital processes. Offshore AI services in India can be used to manage the complexity of an organization’s digital processes, which allows them to continue to deliver value to their customers while keeping their operations lean and efficient.

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