5 Industries That Will Stand Disrupted The Most In The Next 5 Years

Companies worldwide are now keenly focusing on AI, and machine learning technologies to meet their CX and overall performance requirements. The artificial intelligence job opportunities are on the rise as well. But AI integration is not just a choice anymore. The benefits of this technology are so many that it has become more of a necessity for companies today.

AI technology will probably disrupt several industries in the coming future. So no matter what scale your company is currently in, you must ensure that you integrate technologies like machine learning, deep learning, and AI at the right time.

Here are 5 industries that will stand disrupted the most in the next five years

1) Customer Service

The customer service industry will undoubtedly be the most affected by the arrival of AI technology. AI and machine learning are already making a grand entrance with technologies like NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms, Ai-based voice bots, custom recommendation engines, etc.

With AI technology, companies are already offering individualized customer services that provide faster resolutions, less waiting time, and an overall engaging and fun experience for the customers. Along with that AI technology also reduces human effort and helps improve the overall efficiency of customer service reps. Therefore, the use of AI and machine learning technologies will increase and may disrupt the current infrastructure in future.

2) Banking and Finances

AI technology has already changed the banking and finance industry rapidly. With AI-based devices, financial services agents can provide a highly personalized service including customized offers, quick user identification, paperless processing etc. AI technology is also being used to improve data processing, data security, and overall business security. Since its heavy reliance on data, the banking industry can simply enhance the overall operations structure with AI and Machine Learning technologies. And therefore, most experts expect the banking and finance industry to stand disrupted by AI in the coming 5 years.

3) Healthcare

The healthcare industry is one of those industries that may get disrupted by AI technology. The early adopters are already experiencing plenty of benefits and the future of AI also looks promising. Healthcare facilities can use AI for various time-consuming processes such as patient data management, data processing, and treatment procedures. Large Hospitals and multi-specialty facilities are already using IoT-enabled devices, allowing doctors to remotely treat patients, and enabling them to provide top-quality services from anywhere at any time.

4) Logistics and Transportation 

The logistics and transportation industry is already feeling the impact of AI and machine learning technology. With technologies like predictive analytics, companies can now predict future events like a rise in demand or location-based delivery requirements. Therefore, companies can optimize their warehouse and vehicle requirements and reduce costs. AI-based devices and tools are also helping logistics companies reduce paperwork, and optimize navigation, and route tracking. So, if you are in this industry, this is the right time for AI integration for you.

5) Lifestyle

Companies delivering lifestyle solutions need to have a keen eye on AI integration in the future. The idea of smart homes and smart devices is already making its ground in the industry, and companies are also using AI for analytics and customer service purposes to provide a highly customized and user-friendly experience.

Ai-Integration Is A Must!

As you can see, AI integration is no longer a choice. Most of the top industries are expected to stand disrupted in the next five years, and the benefits of AI cannot be neglected anymore. So, if you are a qualified individual, you have a bright future ahead with plenty of AI fresher jobs opportunities. Andif you own a company in any of the above-mentioned industries, you must get in touch with professional AI solutions providers as soon as possible and get your business ready for the future.

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