Offshore AI staffing

Artificial Intelligence has considerably transformed the hiring process, making it more optimized and effective. With the right AT-based technology tools at your disposal, you can enhance your recruitment outcomes.

If you wish to find candidates with the right skill sets, certifications and academic qualifications, experience, and emotional intelligence, AI in staffing can do it for you with greater efficiency. In addition, you also get to hire your staff at a much faster speed, which can completely change the way you source, hire, and place your human resources.

As an established AI staffing agency in India, we have an excellent team of recruiters and headhunters with experience dealing with AI-supported tools. They are trained to comprehend, manage, and optimize different processes to make staffing accurate, faster, and efficient.

As youroutsource staffing company, our recruiters will use customizable AI-based systems for a greater impact on candidates, partners, and fronts-clients. If you’ve been looking for an AI staffing agency to suit your rigorous hiring needs, AI Outsource is here for you.

Benefits of Our AI Outsource Staffing Solutions?

At AI Outsource, we try to leverage AI-based tools to offer as many benefits as possible. When you choose our artificial staffing solutions, you will be able to –

  • Easily Source and Screen Your Candidates – Our recruiter will use AI to filter through the pool of candidates applying to your job vacancies. In the recruitment process, sourcing and screening take most of the time, especially because it requires extensively looking through multiple databases along with external sources to identify appropriate candidates. Our AI-based technology can help streamline this process, making suits streaming it as quick as possible for you to find and screen relevant candidates. Whether you’re looking for digital marketing specialists or software engineers, our AI staffing solutions will help you find the right person among the vast pool of candidates.
  • Close Your Job Vacancies Faster–If your organizationhas to scale up a project within a short span of time, you need to fill around 20-50 positions in a month. In such scenarios, you cannot rely on traditional staffing methods to meet your objectives. Fortunately, our AI solutions could come to your rescue, allowing you to meet your recruitment targets within the provided deadline.

Our top recruiters will use the latest AI staffing strategies to track and evaluate the best-fit candidates for your company. By having us by your side, you can stay assured to –

  • Receive better long-term recruitment outcomes –If you’re keen on reducing your attrition rates while enhancing employee engagement and performance, using data analytics and intelligent automation is the key.
  • Optimize your talent acquisition process–Your unique requirements in talent acquisition can be optimized with our automated tools. Our AI tools will attract, match, and engage talent at a lower operational cost.

What AI-Based Services Do We Offer?

AI staffing solutions come in many different forms. As your staffing agency, we will try to understand what you need and implement those tools and techniques that will offer the best outcomes. Let’s take a look at what you can access by hiring our AI outsource staffing agency

  • We use AI automation and analytics to track and select resumes.
  • We use AI-supported interaction management to enhance candidate engagement.
  • We use chatbots and virtual assistants to enhance scheduling.
  • We use AI-based tools to analyze data from large datasets or databases.
  • We use AI-based tools to improve application tracking and management.
  • We combine AI with RPA to increase the speed of time-consuming or repetitive processes.

How Do We Work?

As a highly regarded AI outsource staffing firm, we place immense value on filling the gaps in your recruitment process. Because of this reason, we first understand your project and skill needs and then use our experiences in India market to develop a team of individuals who will exclusively work on your project.

In the staff augmentation model, we simply hire the number and types of resources as required by you and bill you a flat monthly rate for each of these resources. You are billed for each resource.

Our staffing team can quickly develop an offshore team for you in INDIA based on your specific project needs. Our size and location allow us to source and recruit candidates quickly. We can swiftly scale the size of your team and help you meet your business goals and objectives. We essentially work as your resource partner and continue to support you with all your resource needs so that you can continue to focus on your business priorities.

Don’t Hesitate to Make the Most of our Talent Resources! 

You can significantly  reduce your overall project cost with our expert offshore staffing services from India. Call us to discuss how we may be able to help you in scaling up your team quickly. If needed, we can even help you in recruiting onshore resources through our vast network of professionals.

Reach out to our staffing specialist at (857) 701-6616