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AI Strategy Development Services

The strategic review process (SRP) is geared to help businesses start planning for a business transformation supported by Data Analytics and most importantly AI. It is now already a known fact that a data driven business can successfully harness the power of data to overcome its operational or strategic challenges and achieve its business goals. 

We help the CXO suite and other senior leaders to craft an AI integrated business strategy with a clear roadmap for use of AI and machine learning. This result in a faster and sustainable business transformation. The strategic review process (SRP) involves:

Assessment of core business processes, customer service & product delivery systems, IT and big data technologies and infrastructure,​
Identifying processes, services, and products, IT and core parts of the business that are prime for AI transformation.
Assessment of organizational culture to understand the behaviors and beliefs that may need to be changed to enable AI transformation.
Creating a 2-3 years roadmap for AI transformation integrated business strategy, with an iterative deployment that yields frequent, periodic value.
AI and Machine learning project(s) selection with a clear definition of problem or opportunity statement, project scope, KPIs, process mapping, data measurement and collection, project reviews.
Senior executive training/briefing on AI and Machine learning, taking out the mysterious jargon and clearly defining the value proposition for board-level and other strategic communications

The output of the SRP clearly establishes the roadmap for AI transformation along with major milestones and expected business gains along the transformation process.  Without this understanding, it’s impossible to take an intelligent perspective on what AI can do for your business. The SRP also includes a process for “buy-in” from business unit heads and senior executives for AI transformation and creates a shared vision for AI transformation.