AI Consulting Projects

AI Projects- Solving Critical Business Problems 

Do you face chronic issues or business problems that seems to be a major hindrance in successful execution of your business strategy?

Maybe you are still not ready to embark on a full AI transformation but would like to use AI to solve one or more  business challenges or problems. We can assist you in solving your business problems using AI/Machine Learning. Talk to us about how you can partner with us to solve your business issues or automate certain processes for breakthrough improvements.

Are you an organization that has taken your first step towards creating an AI transformed business and have embarked on few data science projects?

Maybe you have a data engineering and data science team that are developing machine learning models. However, the machine learning models are not yielding desired business results, or they are giving insights that are only giving 30,000 feet view of the business and so cannot be executed. Maybe, the insights are so granular or so technical that you can’t relate them clearly to the business outcomes you’re driving for.

We can use our expertise to help your project team quickly train, test and validate machine learning models and furthermore help you execute these models in production in your desired big data ecosystem or platform. Our lead data scientists are experts in machine learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and hosts of Deep learning techniques. Each client project is led by a carefully selected lead scientist from our consulting team who has significant experience in developing machine learning models for similar problems in related industry sectors.

Talk to us to find out how we may quickly address any of your shortcomings in successful execution of data science projects.