Application Development Services

IT Risk and Process Monitoring Solutions

Application Development is our full end to end AI and machine learning service.  We design, develop, and deliver customized real time AI and machine learning Predictive and Prescriptive applications or tools for your organization to solve business problems and enhance value.

Typically, these real time applications or tools provide a real time monitoring solution for a core business process or IT metrics for an application whose performance is critical to your business. The real time predictive monitoring system provides early alerts, whenever the KPI being monitored is predicted to not produce the desired final result. The result could be a quality metric (e.g., defect) or business agreement with client (e.g., SLA miss) or even a productivity metric (e.g., cycle time). This helps the business to take appropriate action in time to correct the required process variables to produce the desired result and meet business objective.

A subtle but critical differentiator here is that most monitoring solutions focus on technology measurements that may or may not relate to the business outcomes (KPIs). Strong hunches or beliefs are typically used in defining the measurements. Our process includes a clear and easy to explain linkage between the technology measures, business process(s)and voice of customer (VOC). Thus, the technology measurements become leading indicators, usable for predicting the results that matter most.