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AI Strategy Execution Services

Pilot Projects
Many businesses falter in their execution process even after laying out t a clearly defined AI strategy. The shortcomings of the execution process often have its roots in to the depth and extent of the strategic plans or the deployment process itself. A successful deployment not only requires meticulous execution of the strategic plans but also a process for constant review, learning and modifications. It is an iterative process where several bits and pieces needs to fit and align well. It requires an integration of top-down and bottoms-up approaches so that entire organization is aligned and participates willingly and proactively in the transformation process.

Our solution includes:

  • Helping the leadership team to develop the necessary Big Data technology infrastructure and intellectual capital (Data Scientists, Data Engineers, UI Designers, etc.) to support the transformation process.


  • Oversee execution of selected AI pilot projects to create the initial momentum and get some early wins.

Our involvement would depend on the size of an organization, scope and size of transformation and many other factors. It could typically last anywhere from one to three years. Our exit from this process depends on our client’s leadership team gaining enough experience and confidence to be able to take the transformation roadmap forward.